Baby Shower Themes


Baby Shower Themes for Boys

The universe of comic books and super heroes are a perfect fit to a boy of any age and is more than great for a baby shower party.

There are a lot of superhero characters. You can start with a Marvel or a DC superhero theme and everybody will love your party. There will be a lot of fun especially if you will ask your guests to wear some specific costumes. You can start something like a mini Halloween party. Just imagine an Avengers party or a Justice League reunion :).

Boys are cool and they have a lot of representative things. If a superhero is not actually your type, you can try to think at a cartoon character, maybe an old cartoon that everyone will love, something like Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Taz-Mania, Inspector Gadget, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry and many others.

If you don’t want to use a character you can just start from a colour and then be creative. Blue is a great colour related to a lot of things like the sea, the ocean, maybe the navy. Boys are really maniacs when we talk about cars or motorcycles. You can have even an airplane baby shower theme or maybe a train baby shower theme.

Don’t forget about sports, baseball, basketball or football, even hockey, there are so many choices.

As you can see, there are a lot of options and we invite you to check all our ideas for your baby shower. Click the link above!

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

The things may seem a little more complicated with a baby shower party for a baby girl but is actually not.

Just think fast: pink, princesses, fairytales and again pink :).

If you are not actually a pink type of mom, don’t worry. There are a plenty of other ideas for you.

You can try something related to nature like a ladybug baby shower theme (this is actually a great theme and you can find it here in the girls category) or even a Lady Bee Theme :).

You can use a Disney princess as your main characters. You can not ever be wrong with a character like Snow White.

If a princess story may seem a little to much and you want something more simple you can try a cartoon theme like Tweety Bird or even 101 Dalmatians :). You can use even Doctor Seuss characters and you will have a great party with the image of Horton, The Cat or even The Grinch.

You can even use a music related theme. Just choose a cool band or star and use it in your baby shower theme. Maybe Miley Cyrus is not anymore the perfect fit for a child theme party 🙂 but we are sure that you will find a better idea.

Anyway, if you want to keep the things simple, just take a look on our website in the girls zone and you will have a plenty of options there.

Neutral Gender Baby Shower Thems

Is not hard to organise a neutral gender party theme. You just need to be inspired.
If you don’t know if the child will be a boy or a girl, you just need to keep the things relative.

For example you can choose a music related theme. A “Rock a Baby” baby shower theme will always
be the perfect fit for a neutral gender party. You will actually find this theme with a lot of details in the neutral gender zone.

You can choose other very popular themes like “Rubber Ducky” baby shower or Jungle Theme. For your Jungle theme you can use different characters like a giraffe, a zebra, a bear or even an elephant. You can even ask your guests to bring each one a different animal toy🙂 Well, kids like toys right ?! 🙂
A circus theme will always be a great choice because you have a lot of variety.

Pea in the Pod” is another very famous neutral gender theme but if this is not your type you can try something really relative like Donald Duck character or maybe a “Milk-aholic” theme which is a perfect fit for both boy and girl.

You can even choose a toy that every child love like Teddy Bear theme or a more general theme like a Diaper Theme.
The idea is do not over complicate the things. Just use neutral colours like green or yellow and be sure to choose something fun for your guests and even for your child when he will grow up and will decide to take a look at his/her baby shower pictures 🙂