Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games for large groups

Everyone in this world loves babies and their games but loving the baby shower games is a different issue. The games which are played in baby shower parties are for sheer fun and enjoyment.

Here are some baby shower games for large groups.

  • Don’t Say Baby game. You can give every guest a diaper pin to attach in their shirt. As soon as anyone hears the word baby from other, he or she can ask for the diaper pin from him. At last, whoever has maximum number of pins wins the game.


  • The second game is also very funny. This is called Guess the Baby Game. All you need to do is request your guest to bring a childhood photo. Pin it to a wall and number it. Ask all the guests to guess the baby. The guest giving the highest number of correct answer


  • Another inexpensive game is guess what’s in? For this collect usual baby stuff and keep them in a bag. Provide every guest with pen and paper. Ask them to feel the items and write down the list. The guest getting highest number of answers right is the winner.

You can give that bag as a gift hamper. You can also include the parents in the game. Ask both few questions about the baby like what names you like for your baby or what should be the baby’s profession etc. Let the other answer it too. Match the answers and find out who wins the hamper. You can also try few more games like drawing a baby sketch.

You can change the rules like you can ask them to draw the baby on paper plate with a marker by keeping plate on their head.  This can be the most funny game and all your guest may burst out laughing.

Few other baby shower games for large groups can be the diaper game, guess the diameter etc.

In diaper game you need much kind of candy and a new born diaper packet. All you need to do is melt the candy and wrap it in the diaper. Let the guest pick one diaper each and guess the flavor.

The guest guessing the maximum flavors correct is winner. You may also try out wrapping the candy in napkin. Gift the winner a diaper packet and a candy packet. Similar game can be played with the baby food too.

You need to remove the stickers and place numbers on the jars. Ask your guest to taste the food and identify the baby food flavor, whoever guess it corrects gets one point each. The guest with highest number of point will win the game.

Another game can be Guess the Mother’s Measurements.

In this game you can request the guest to guess the tummy size of would be mother. You can also tie a ribbon on tummy just to make sure the measurement. The guest who guessed it correct will get the gift.

Baby Shower Games

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