Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers are very common celebration for a woman when they find out they are pregnant. Within all the excitement of finding out your expecting a new arrival the best way to celebrate is to have a baby shower. Many people are able to find out what sex the baby is during their pregnancy which opens a lot of doors when choosing a theme for your baby shower but for those who have stubborn babies and are unable to find out what sex the baby will be there are also a lot of neutral baby shower themes available.

65 of the Best Baby Shower Themes Chevron Table Runner - YellowA
Neutral colours for a baby normally consist of white, cream and yellow. However many shades of blues and greens also come under the neutral colour scheme. Invites can be created within the neutral baby shower category with these colours being used and pictures that relate to both male and female. The vast majority of games are create to be used at a neutral baby shower. Games such as guess the weight of the baby, blindfolded nappy race and pin the dummy on the baby always go down well with guests. Decorations can be made with the words ?congratulation? and can be hung up around the room.


New Neutral Gender Baby Shower Themes

  1. A Star is Born Baby Shower Theme
  2. Bun in the Oven Baby Shower Theme
  3. Goodnight Moon Baby Shower Theme
  4. Lil Peanut Baby Shower Theme
  5. Love You to the Moon and Back Baby Shower Theme
  6. Milk-Aholic Baby Shower Theme
  7. Pea in the Pod Baby Shower Theme
  8. Rock a Bye Baby – Baby Shower Theme
  9. Shake, Rattle and Roll Baby Shower Theme
  10. Stork Express Baby Shower Theme
  11. You are my Sunshine Baby Shower Theme
  12. You Spin Me Right Round Baby – Baby Shower Theme