Baby Shower Decorations For Boys

If you are at the stage of planning your baby shower and have decided on venue, time, guests and theme now is the exciting part of deciding on your decorations. Basic ideas are banners and balloons but there are many other creative ideas for baby shower decorations for boys. Confetti can be used to decorate cake and food tables. There are many shops online that sell confetti and it is a cheap and cheerful decoration but can be a lot to clear up. Confetti can be bought in many different ranges from saying it’s a buy to small blue small plastic dummies.

Baby Shower Banners

Baby shower banners come in all shapes and sizes depending on where you would to put them. You can buy banners from shops with it’s a boy from any card shop or supermarket, they usually come long enough for you to cut to the length you wish. You can also buy banners online which can be personalised with your own message written on them for you to hand on doors and walls. Make sure you have plenty of blue tak or celotape to hand to hang your banners.

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Baby Shower Balloons

There is a large selection of balloons available to buy ranging from plain coloured ones to balloons with wording and images on. Choosing your baby shower balloons can be a difficult choice. Once you have chosen what style of balloon you are going to have it is time to decide if you are going to have them hanging on a wall or stood up attached to paper weights. Balloons are a great decoration that can also be taken home by guests as a baby shower favour.

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Baby Shower Badges

Baby shower badges can be used for a range of things. From winner badges to badges used for game like who am I? Baby Shower badges can also be used to highlight who the guest is to the baby and taken home as favour. Badge ideas are listed below:

Baby Shower Badges on Etsy

* Mom to be
* Dad to be
* Grandma to be
* Grandad to be
* Big sister
* Big brother
* God mother to be
* God father to be
* Aunty to be
* Uncle to be

Badges are available in various colours and can be personalised and bought online from many retailers. Baby shower badges can be made as big or as small as you want them to be.

Other Baby Shower ideas

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