Baby Boy Baby Shower Themes

What better way to celebrate the news of a new arrival than to have a baby shower. Once you have found out you are going to have a baby boy and have chosen a date ad venue it is time to decide on a theme. There are many options when it comes to baby boy baby shower themes. You can have something as simple as having everything blue from banners to a cake. Another of the popular baby boy baby shower themes is safari theme. Safari theme is an easy one to do. You can play games like pin the tale on the monkey and guess the baby weight written on a giraffe.

baby boy shower candy bar and cake jungle cake baby shower brown and blue teddy bear theme baby boy shower party ideas

Baby Boy Shower Favours

There are many baby boy shower favours that can be found on pintrest. The most popular include Blue plastic dummies or blue edible dummies. You can also buy personalised baby bottles that you can fill with small sweets to give to your guests as a thank you for coming along to your baby shower. Baby carriage candles are a unique baby boy shower favour than can be bought in blue. This is an ideal favour as guests can keep them as a remembrance keepsake gift that will remind them of the fun they had at your baby shower.

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